Backside Report from Old Hilltop – 2015 PRK Stakes

Backside Report from Old Hilltop – The 2015 PRK Stakes (GI)

Get out your Natty Boh’s and let’s take a quick walk around the backside here at PIM to see what we have going for the 2015 PRK Stakes (GI) to be run this Saturday at the mile and three-sixteenth’s distance.

Headed down by the stakes barn, we happen across D J C Racing Stables and that two headed monster of Port On The Horizon and Unsuited, fifth and seventh in the KYD.  Both are looking sharp and the trainer said “..both entered in the PRK…” which certainly adds to the excitement as bother seemed up against it from the post draw in Louisville.  “Both Port and Unsuited had a tough post to overcome and ran as expected from where they started way out in the parking lot.” and that certainly seems like an understatement in my book.  I especially like the way Unsuited fits-in, here in Bawlmur.  Always the kind sort, the final note was “Beating King Cobra and some of the other highly thought of 3 year-olds will be a huge task…”.

Around the corner and across the way, Grimley is hard at work with a few of his and Mars has his head stuck out, knowing he did well in Kentucky.  Looking at the fourth placed finisher, that first Saturday in May, the trainer said “He came out perfect…” and he certainly looks that way.  He went on to say “…notice he won his Derby prep in short notice so we know short rest isn’t an issue.” and that may be an important factor, as they come back on 2-weeks.  “Hoping to see his best performance yet this Saturday and believe he is set up to do so…”  and he looks ready to fire big.

Looks like the Kings van pulling out of the barn area… no, not King TTHE King… AW.  He must be buying something. 

Walking down by the stalls of Maxmillion Farm but someone seems to be missing… where’s Generals Companion, runner up in the KYD??  “No reason to run…” which can only make you think that he’ll be well rested and ready to go again in the BEL.

Down by the kitchen, we see Delta Farms and fifth placed finisher Viking Shield who seems to be as happy as can be. “I think he came out of the derby pretty good. I felt like it didnt take too much out of him…” and after a coughing fit he said “I have been under the weather this weekend pretty bad…” better you than the horse, huh?

One last spin around and we see the KYD winner himself, King Cobra.  Aer Stables had a single message “My plan is to win……..”  Yeap, and so do nineteen other sophomores that will be in the gate come dinner time on Saturday.  Pack your lunch… it doesn’t get any easier.

So grab yourself another dozen crabs and Mable, bring us another round of Black Labels!  It’s almost PRK time!!


COZMAN for Willie’s Green Card
SRF Correspondent



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