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Today it’s a pleasure to meet Robert owner of Two Hearts One Love stables. To help get an increased rounded feel for the game with my interviews plus the opportunity to get to know Robert better was one I could not pass. Robert thanks for agreeing to hook up and answer some questions.  


Q1 Lets start in the beginning Where is your base farm? Where do you live?  

A1 My base farm is at Riverside, Live in Arizona. I am retired now so plenty of time to do the horses!

Q2 Your stable name where does it come from? Also I am curious. It’s a question I should include more . How many active and retired horses have you got if you don’t mind sharing?

A2 It comes from  a business I once owned, sire I don’t mind telling. I have currently  (88) Active, (515) Retired.

Q3 Battling in the game for a decade holding your own. Know you are working on a smaller budget like a lot of stables and it can be hard. What advise/ tips would you give to players starting out in the game?

 A3 Spend time learning the rules and seek advice from other stable owners. This game is far more difficult than meets the eye.

Q4 Wise words…. What got you into horses?

A4 I owned three standard bred horses and raced them at Vernon Downs in Vernon New York

Q5 Very Nice. Love to know. So who is you’re favorite horse of all time at HRP and in real life?

A5 Niagra here since I bred this Champion – Real Life: Seattle Slew

Q6 What  horses you are especially excited about and ones to add on my watch list? Prediction time.

A6 Hmmmm….. OK here goes = Escaped Convict, High Heat & Commanding Jill.

Q7 Jugset Top bloodlines and pedigree. Expensive buy for the stable. Looking at the first few quarter foals he dropped it seems he has it all to do. Is he going up for lease to help get full crop out this quarter to help prove him? Whats your plans with him?

A7 Yes this one has some good lines yet has not yet proved to reach his potential – Looking to sell him in the 2nd quarter to a stable who can get the most out of him. However I am waiting on some 2 year olds that have even more breeding potential for 2021.


Q8 Material Lady. Lovely mare you purchased from MB for a good of price. Excited about her? Plans?

A8 I will be experimenting with some of the 2 year old colts once available for 2021. Time will tell…

Q9 Games changed over time with small tweaks here and there Dp you think it’s harder competing now than it was 5 years ago? Also If you could look at changing any aspect of the game (if any) what would you possibly review first?

A9 I believe the competition has become greater. A few things I would like to see changed are:

  1. Allow Mares to just one offspring per year versus 4.
  2. Increase the fair tracks to 3 per month throughout the year allowing smaller stables to participate in racing.
  3. Always have a fair track that has turf racing available throughout the year.
  4. Allow Horses entered in Private Sales to be purchased immediately without the 3 day waiting period.
  5. Allow horses that were with stables who have been gone more than twelve months to be placed in auction so that they will still be available to breed and race.
  6. Include 3 & 4 furlong racing at Quarter Horse Tracks.
  7. Add more lower entry fee stakes races so the smaller Stables can enjoy the Stakes part of the game and have an opportunity to progress in the stakes races.


Q10 I appreciate the feedback. Ok random scenario: You most give 5 virtual award to trainers.

A)Best breeder of all time at HRP


B)Best Trainer?

  1. AW
  2. MB
  3. BM

Q11 The TC. Can  it be done? If you won what would you spend the money on?

A11 Yes. I actually believe  It Can! – Reinvest in the game, grow stronger…

Q12 Won a meet title back in 2015 @LRL. Tell me about it. Any plans for another charge this year?

 A12 Just tried to win at least one but never have had as much interest in racing as the breeding aspect of the game. Yes I am planning to run all my actives at Laurel exclusively in the first quarter to see if I can earn my second meet title there.


Q13 Nice Robert. Good luck with the title charge.  Breeding. Own thoughts on Bloodlines. Do they map to rl and support just changed names? Did they create there own from an scratch? What have you learnt about bloodlines here at HRP and breeding? Also a couple of Sires you are working with and  why!

 A13 I believe that bloodlines here are very interesting at their roots they do not in my opinion map with Real Life. They do however lend their own map and that map is ever changing with several being very dominant lines. I have enjoyed tinkering with breeding here since my first year with some good results. Currently Ranking 14th all-time on the breeding win list. I made many mistakes and spent way too much money trying to create breeding stock that produces stakes winners. I bought too many lower level horses instead of invest greater amounts in a few.

As for what I have learned about bloodlines here at HRP – I would say I am still learning but it seems as if several stallions are truly separating themselves from the others. Time will tell if their offspring will dominate as they have.

Currently I am truly interested in breeding champions through the following Sires offspring:

Cherokee Sunset – Commanding – Decima – Hollywood Sin – Niagra

These are a couple that should been good ones in the shed in the future:

 Beyond Brave

 Black Heat


Q14 Highs and lows. Lowest point in game? Ever want quit?

A14 First year 2010 Zero for 82 Record – Do I need to say more… Indeed several times I thought about quiting. Stupidest thing I done intense game has to be spent money without understanding the basics of this game.


Q15 Race engine and jockey instructions. Do you think it offers a real sense of realism?

A15 Race Engine has been changed several times not sure if they were always to the betterment of the game. Jockey Instructions need some improvements. I have not played any other racing sim games so don’t know if they can be improved. I enjoy the realism here at HRP just fine. I am always trying to stay up with the changes as they occur.


Q16 Noticed Maxmillion Farms over the last couple of years really rise and become a stable to contend with. Several other stable have really upped there game and pushing through the ranks also. It shows it can certainly  be done. Any stables you have noticed that have really upped the anti recently and ones to watch out for in the future.

A16 Depends on what area you are speaking of. If it’s Racing or Breeding.

Overall I would include the following:

DJC Racing Stables

John Henry

GDP Inc.

Maxmillion Farm for sure…

Q17 If you could have Commanding or Cherokee Sunset 5 years ago who would you prefer? And why?

A17 I would choose Commanding based on his perfect confirmation and breeding prowess.

Q18 You certainly keep busy breeding and selling horses flipping and breeding more, which I am guessing helps keep the stable goin forward and afloat which I respect. It’s not easy I know. Any advise for new players buying and selling horses on here please? Your opinion holds weight.

A18 To those who are new I would strongly suggest investing in Commanding, Cherokee Sunset, Decima and Niagra off spring. Pay close attention to their confirmation and attributes that show up on distance and performance. Make sure to first have a solid fillies and mares to breed with stallions from top bred stallions that are less than 5 years old. Pick up through private sales or auction yearlings and 2 year olds early before they work out at 5 furlongs or more. This will allow you to pay less. However many times you can find bargains for breeding that did not perform well on the track but have breeding potential.

If you are looking to flip the horses you breed and produce a solid return try to sell early under $40.

While I may not have put up great racing stats I have bred my share of solid winners and done it without having to purchase any Stallion or Mare for more than $170.00 and in most cases picked them up in free or low level claimers. Some mistakes I made early on were only paying attention to confirmation and not enough on pedigree and previous performance.


Q19 Thoughts on the future of the game? Lack of new players in your mind? Do you have someone one day (long time from now) would pass your stable to?


A19 I think the future of the game depends on HRP Ownership and their willingness to add more value to the stable owners. I think HRP should do everything in their power to retain current stable owners and provide a platform for new stable owners to succeed early before they give up and leave. New players should receive 20 horses when they join and be provided one pay farm in addition to a free farm so they can immediately participate and learn the game.


I will not have anyone to pass on my stable to sadly.


Q20 Often sports are dominated by certain teams or individuals, our game is no exception. Can the tide be turned soon and the top elite crumble or is there position now strong enough?

A20 As with any venture there is always the possibility that those who dominate at HRP currently could see others rise and compete with the elite stable owners and slowly take away their advantage. AW was dominating and declined, while others have moved on that once dominated leaving an opportunity for others to take control and take on their role as a top tier stable.

We need the likes of MB and others to dominate so that other stable owners understand that they too can dominate as they progress here at HRP if they choose to dedicate the time and money required to be an elite top ten stable here at HRP.

Q21 that time year again? Super Bowl predictions I like a small bet who you think?

A21 I am going with Kansas City!


Q22 Thank you Robert some great answers above. Thought super bowl hope you wrong as I have a small punt on the Chiefs. Before I go any closing statements or thoughts?

 A22 Thank you Kevo for asking me to participate it is a true honor and pleasure. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to reach out to our HRP Stable Owners and allow them to introduce themselves. It is always a good read J

One thing I would like to say please before we part. I have been here since 2010 which is less than many here at HRP however I must say I have countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment here at HRP. Many of the Stable Owners have been delightful to interact with. While I have not reached the level of expertise I desire I will continue to strive to improve on my understanding and skill that this game requires. This game can be very humbling for sure. I am at awe with those that have acquired the skills to be an elite stable owner here at HRP.

My well wishes to all of my HRP friends who helped me throughout the years. May 2020 bring health, wealth and happiness to every Stable Owner and their loved ones.

P.S. If you are a small stable hang in there and remember that this is a form of entertainment so enjoy playing this game!

Thank you Robert, I enjoyed talking with you and am confident our interview will help new players some great tips Want wish you the best of luck this season.


Many more stables to visit and a few surprises in store along the way….


Stay tuned!

Kevo (El Primero Rodeo)





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