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Here today with Dom from DJ C stables.  With 6 HRP titles and 18 meet titles you certainly have made an impression since joining in 2012. Appreciate your meeting up today and allowing me to ask a few questions to get to know you better and some of your thoughts.


Q1 Where do you hail from and where is your base farm at HRP?

A1 I was born and raised on Long Island NY, currently reside in Floral Park NY.

Q2 Your stable name where does come from?

A2 That’s a simple one! my stable name are my initials, DJC.

Q3 Are you ex RC/Digiturf?

 A3 So I have never played any online game before this one, never tried those other horse sim games.

Q4 Noticed a lot of the top trainers in our game have connections to real life horses/racing. Do you have any Association with horses?

A4 I have owned several race horses in the past, though I have not been involved since early 2000’s.

Q5 Being one of the larger stables in the game Dom how many active and retired do you have?

A5 Average size this year has been in the 500 range, retired is twice that, I never kill off a horse, just send it to the retirement village.

Q6 Nice to me that’s a huge amount. Curious with that in mind I have no idea! How long does it take to train your horses  a week and nominate on average Dom?

A6 Normal work/nominate day consists of approx. 1-2 hours daily. Some days longer some shorter depending on who is up for what.

Q7 MB. friend or foe in one word?

A7  Friend

Q8 Home-breeds have developed very well over the last couple of years at HRP. When we look at the development of our horses and better understanding of the  bloodlines it brings me back to the question of the Triple. Town. can it be done or load of marketing hype to lure members?

A8 I think it can be done, it will be extremely hard but never count it out from happening one day.

Q9 You certainly have breed some nice horses in the game. . Any tips on breeding a good race horse for newer trainers please?

 A9.My best tip is to study bloodlines of the horses you plan on mating, a story is told if you look hard enough.

Q10 What’s your goals this season?

A10 Well my goal each year is to be be better then the year before, so Ill let you know come December how Im doing.

Q11 What been highlight best moment at HRP?

A11. Niagra winning the Classic.

Q12 Ok so what had been your lowlight on here,  ever felt like quitting?

A12 Yes, quite a few times, but the usually lasts less then 24 hours then I fall in love with the game all over again.

Q13 Value your opinion. What aspect of the game needs revising in your mind. Support read the SRF also and it’s good to hear your constructive views.

A13.  I think they do not create enough superstar horses, the once in a life time horse, seems even out best are just a notch better then 300 others in the same class.

Q14 Fair point…. Forums at HRP. What have you learnt posting over the years here?

A14. I try to enjoy the forums and contribute when I see fit, but mostly I observe.

Q15 Noticed in forums over time a lot of new players asking about training horses and best practices. My own regime needs reviewing. Can you share with us a good work routine with 2 year olds especially?

A15. Work them every 7-9 days and be patient. Dont give up until they are a full second slower then your average horse.

Q16 Ever tried train our horses drunk and made a stupid mistake ? If so tell us about it?

A16. Many stupid mistake and not all blamed on being drunk.

Q17 Favorite race horse all time?

A17.  RL has to be Secretariat, HRP has to be Niagra.

Q 18 Who is your most promising 2 year old male and female ?

A18. Way too early but for an answer I will say Never Forgotten and Stark.


Nice will add to my watchlist. Want to wish you the very best of luck this season and keep smashing it.

Many more stables to interview so as always


Stay Tuned!

El Primero Rodeo/ Kevo




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