A Walk Around the Barns in Louisville

Oh, it’s starting to warm up on the CD backside as we are the later stages of the preps and it’s time to check in with a few of the big barns.

We slide by Aer Stables and are greeted by what appears to be a trio of body builders telling us, “nothing to see here”.  His trio of Remson, Brittle and Chai Morning are a tough bunch.  Ok, looks like someone is playing it close to the vest.  Our only real message was a shout from the man himself “I better f*&@$& win!!” and a big chuckle.  All I can say is my lack of picking you on top should add to your chances and every bit helps.

Next, it’s a stroll past the barn of Nakamura Stables, and again, we have a threesome of big horses headed to the gate from this veteran conditioner.  His lot includes Into Mischief, Geronimo and Royal Assembly.  First, he offered congratulations on the assignment of the KYD, which is always appreciated… then it was how the stars are aligning for his crew.  “I would have liked to have seen Geronimo in the PP that Into Mischief has drawn…” which surprised me as the inside can be a tough spot unless you plan on stepping on the gas.  Although is sounds like he may alter his plan a bit with Geronimo and added “Into Mischief and Royal Assembly will run as planned…”.  Sounds like his game-plan is in place and he’s ready to go get ‘em.

No reason to stop now, as we head past another duo of contenders in the John Henry barn.  A relative new-comer compared to some, but a master when you look at the wins he has amassed in only five years at the craft… yet still looking for his first KYD win despite 101 graded wins.  He will be headed to the post with the likes of City Sniper, and Orion Nebula, side by side in the starting gate and speaking of those mid-outside posts he confirmed “ City Sniper, better on the outside with his running style… loves the CD track…” and there is no doubt about that.  Three wins and a second over this strip proves his love of Louisville.  A 2yo Of The Year finalist, you have to expect another big run in the big race.  Moving over to Orion Nebula, fresh off of his SA Derby (GI) win, the trainer said “…working great, feel like he’s working great, happy no one is even mentioning him.”.  But I think the betting public may have a different point of view and he may be the post time favorite.

Last, and certainly not least, we head by the big barn and visit with Mb Stables.  Again, it’s a three headed monster for the 7-time Trainer of the Year Award winner.  He brings Spirited Stride, Groovy (my top choice) and Tudor One.  No surprise when I get “…not too pleased with Tudor One’s post”, yeah the nineteen hole is probably not optimal, but, who knows, he’s won twice from the nine hole and just missed last out from the eight… maybe he likes it out there.  He went on to add “I feel all 3 of my entries are working great heading into the race…” and that seems to always be the case with his charges – ready to win.  He finished with “Spirited Stride and Groovy should have every chance to win…” and I certainly am one in full agreement, especially when it comes to Groovy.

I will continue to post updates as the come in from the trainers.  I really think we are in for a race for the ages.  Have a comment, mail me at First Flight Stable.

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