A Final Stroll Through the Barns at CD

We make a final walk through the barn area and our first stop is by the stalls of Fractious as that stable will send three to the post.  “Anoush Command unfortunately has his work cut out for him from the 16 post…” although his outside post races have brought success.  The seven year veteran conditioner went on to say “..last two works were a bit slower than I wanted but the internal splits were strong…” and I have to believe his tactical speed will be an important factor I the race.  We moved down to Boardwalk where the BG runner up was finishing up his breakfast and we got that he “…is a sneaky entry that I feel everyone is overlooking which I don’t mind.  He should make some noise coming down the stretch…” and I tend to agree with that.  If that one gets a clear run late, he could spell upset.  We then passed by Scafati and the Jerome winner will start from the eighteen post, and I got that this the black gelding  “is up against it from another outside post but I feel he has talent and was worthy of a shot”.  Post position will be important, that’s for sure.

Moving down the stakes barn we caught up with Alydar Stables and took a peak at Laffin Hero, where we learned that he  “…is working better than ever and ready to run. Distance is the question mark but isn’t it with most when it comes to the Derby?” and you certainly can’t fault that logic as they all go a mile and a quarter for the first time.

On to the Tiratzo charge, Lexington winner Steak And Potatoes where we here that “…he has ran the fastest 1 1/16 in a 3yo race this year and has the fastest speed rating of all the contenders in the Derby if you put any stock in that…” and I think you just have to put faith in a horse that seems as hot as this one.  He went on to say “…so speed and ability is there the big question is will he have the stamina to go with it at a 1 1/4. I believe he is as ready as he can be for Saturday…” which is the key to the whole day.  The final comment was a tip of the cap to his competition saying there are  “some amazing horses in this year’s derby and he will need a strong stretch run to get the job done…”.  Classy guy and we wish this barn the very best.

Around to the other side of the stakes barn and we catch Tony at Gdp Inc and look at Bound Bay, fresh off of that LA Derby win “I’m pleased with post and rider, thrilled about distance. Last work wasn’t the greatest, with an excuse, but I think he will be in the mix at the wire…” and that’s when they hand out the checks, so it seems like a smart plan if I’ve ever heard one.

One last visit and we see Raj at Night Rider Stable hard at work with Notorious Temper and you know this horseman is never with a negative outlook “…he has a great shot to win, couldn’t be any happier with him. just really happy to be a part of the race with a legit shot at top prize…” and you certainly have to see his positive ways off of that ARK Derby win.

Well, it’s getting late as we wait for the KY Oaks to get kicked off.  Again, best of luck to all of the great horsemen we have here at HRP.  I have to say, no matter who wins this race, it’s going to be deserved… so, let’s take in a great group of fillies, get a good night’s sleep and be ready to kick this bad boy off tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for their cooperation and GO BABY GO!!!

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