The Final Words of Good Luck as the 2021 BEL Draws Near

The horses names have become household names but as a final word before the horses go to post for the very special running of the 2021 BEL i wanted to wish each player with a runner one final word before they go to the gates.


Aer Stables

Three entries, Contradiction, War Chant and Locamotive.

A record of nearly 700 HRP wins, 2 BC wins and 3 TC wins.

Aer Stables is one of the most enigmatic owners at HRP. Famed for his big opinions and sometimes outlandish actions he has done everything from bringing horses back from the dead to calling out just about everyone at HRP at some point. He really is one of those love or loath characters but think of him what you will he has developed the sort of talent that is enviable.
2019 saw a change in his training style and approach to the game and since then he has become one of the best trainers and developers of two and three year olds in the game. Some find his all or nothing attitude perplexing as when he shot his 2020 BEL winner Brittle just 5 months after his famous win, but you cannot fault his success in recent years.

Good Luck to Aer Stables

Iolaus Racing

One entry. Shalanagar BB

Previously this trainer had played the game under the stable name of Yahudi and has been seen as one of the best breeders in the game both then and now. Never a big voice he quietly goes about his business buying the right stock for the right price and producing top horses. The class of the player can be seen right here because after only 200 races since his return he has this BEL runner up and ready to be one of the threats to Howl To The Hound.

Good luck to Iolaus Racing

Mb Stables

One entry Howl To The Hound

What can be said that we don’t already know about Mb Stables. Without a doubt the best player to ever take on this game. He has over 8500 winners and earnings of over a 1/2 a million dollars. He has won 21 BC races and 9 TC races and has an incredible record in the BEL that some have called dominant. It is no surprise that it is he that owns the first horse to ever have a go at the Triple Crown at HRP after years of owning and breeding the best horses in the game he has out qualified everyone in the run up races to the TC for the past 7 years.

Good Luck to Mb Stables

Night Rider Stables

One entry, Dutty John Crow

A professional jockey in the real world this player has the sort of enthusiasm for HRP that he shows everyday in his real life. Constantly positive he finds his way to the top echelon of HRP by claiming, buying and breeding his way through the minefield that is this game. It is fitting for a stable that has often excelled in some great claims that he should’ve bred this one and i feel it marks the turning of the corner for his game.

Good luck to Night Rider Stables

John Henry

One entry, Sports page

It seems like this player has been here forever so it is surprising to me in looking at the stats that he has only been here since 2016. In that short time he has always been a big player with over 1000 winners and nearly 130 graded stakes winners, he has won 3 BC races but as yet, no TC winners.
It is rare to see a player catch on the game so quickly but from day one he has marked his card with great wins and the ability to find, train and produce great horses. His lack of TC winners may be down to the fact that he doesn’t have a huge breeding program like some of the others but with Cherokee Sunset now gracing his paddocks that may all change.

Good Luck to John Henry.

DJC Racing Stables

One entry, Baller Alert

A popular character this stable has been here since 2012 and like John Henry really hit the ground running. Nearly two hundred graded stakes wins and 4 BC wins puts him in that top division of HRP players but as yet he has not managed a TC win. He had a huge couple of years in 2018 and 19 but has backed off a little since but still maintains the dream of getting a TC winner and he gets another chance in this race with his $300 purchase.

Good Luck to DJC Racing Stables

Alabarda Stables

One Entry Added Value

Racing at HRP as one of the foundation players in 2004 this trainer is the epitome of a hobby player. Winning a few graded stakes, they have always been too busy running the SRF to really get involved in the game in a big way but you always know their horses will be competitive at any level they are entered in. Their entry here is a real rags to riches story and one that would make a great story should he manage to repeat his famous FL Derby.

Good Luck to Alabarda Stable

Alydar Stables

One Entry, Sacred Order

Another foundation player they have been here since 2004 too and is another that you always have to fear at whatever level you face their entries. With 65 graded stakes wins and 3 BC wins they too are looking for their first ever TC race winner. Not a big breeder this stable has done really well as a smaller yard breeding this one on a very nice match up and guiding them into all three TC races. It is great to see these experienced trainers showing how its done on a smaller budget.

Good luck to Alydar Stables

Crocker Cgs

One Entry, Clubhouse

It is great to see Crocker in the field, another player who does terrifically well on a smaller budget. They claimed this horse for just $15 as a two year old and has brought him through the grades to be here today a real good training feat for an under rated trainer. They too are looking for their first TC race winner but have managed over 30 graded stakes wins in their relatively short career.

Good Luck to Crocker Cgs


One entry, Naples

It is hard to believe this trainer has only been here since 2019. In that short time they have proved themselves to be a formidable player winning over 500 races and over 30 graded stakes. They have really hit the ground running this year and their entry today is typical of great game play and tactical decisions. It looked like a risky purchase back in February after a couple of dud runs and a second but the $750 they paid has looked cheap at twice the price since as she has gone three from three culminating in the KYO.

Good luck to Arindel

Mo Mentum Farm

One entry, Princess jasmine

Another stalwart of the game, Mo has been here since 2004. Playing in the midfield they have won 2 BC races and 26 graded stakes but like so many has found the TC races tough to win. I really felt the surge of hope when they bought this filly for $750 from Aer Stables, breaking that hoodoo looked like a real possibility. It wasn’t to be in both the KYD and the Preakness but they go again here to get the full bang for their buck and there is some confidence in her if she overcomes the wide draw.

Good Luck to Mo Mentum Farm

Keikowin Racing

One entry, Cheesy

I was surprised to see that Kiekowin has been around since 2004 not because i hadn’t noticed them but because i have never really got to know them. A player from the hobby leagues in previous years they have the lightest record as far as big wins go but have exploded on the scene this year with their brilliant home bred Cheesy. It is great to see a player come good after so long and get rewarded with a real good one although i have to have some sympathy after two terrible draws in both the TC races he will contend.

Good Luck to Keikowin Racing

Diablo Diablo

One entry, Darth Charley

Another long term player, here since 2006, they play a less than they did back at the start but seem to have found their niche with a small but select stable. With 87 stakes wins, 3 BC wins and a TC series win they sneak under the radar when talking about big players but believe me you know if you have to face one of their runners. They bred this runner themselves and have done really well with him and i am sure down the road he will be adding to those stakes wins even if they end up being on the grass.

Good Luck to Diablo Diablo

Smokey Stover

One entry, Breath of the Wild

Next to Mb Stables this is one of the most driven players in the game. Their recent move towards breeding will certainly see them at the top of the game in the next few seasons and i would imagine their entry here with his beautiful blood lines will be gracing the stable of some of the best mares in the game before long. A player since 2009 they really started playing hard in 2017 and won most of their 114 graded stakes and 6 BC titles in that time.

Good Luck to Smokey Stover

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