Welcome to the SimRacingForm’s new online site. We hope you like the new look. The site is still undergoing modification and is still a work in progress. Our plans are to report the races and stories as we have for the last 10 years. In addition to that we also would like more reader interactivity and involvement on the site. We’ve added a comment section for race articles and have introduced polls to get readers opinions and we’ll be adding other things as time goes on. We’re hoping to make this a full community paper that all can enjoy. We know it’s going to take some time to get everything the way we want it to be and they’ll be some growing pains, but we’ll get there.

The SRF is a HRP community paper, our writers are players just like you, they are dedicated to the game and in return want to give something back that makes the community better.  The community of players at HRP are all dedicated and very passionate about the game we all play. The SimRacingForm is proud to serve each and everyone of you and hope to continue long into the future. But now the most important thing is the news articles on the horses and players in the game, enjoy the read.

Michael La Rosa, Editor-in-chief SRF

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