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New Viewer Beta release


The SRF was informed by Horseracingpark.com that a beta version of the new viewer may be released on December 31st.  This early version of the viewer will be a work in progress but will be presented as a step to something much better. If released to the public it will be for one track only (likely Santa Anita) .

This beta version will require the Unity 3D player and will not work in the newest version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge viewer. The reason for releasing this way is that the The technology to support Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and the newest line of browsers coming out soon is very much a work in progress and still being developed by vendors. There seems to be updates coming out almost weekly and as recently as only this month would HRP say it was even anywhere close to ready for any attempt at supporting the new browsers. HRP is currently working to support these browsers but is not quite ready yet. So as HRP put it, what we would have right now is a glimpse of what is to come.

The SRF and the HRP community are anxiously awaiting this release and this should be an exciting way to bring in the New Year. We will let you know when the beta version will be released as soon as we hear from HRP.

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  1. I watched the Beta today in Microsoft Edge. Go to settings, Right click, go down to more tools, click, go to open with internet explorer.

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